Dubai is currently one of the most famous cities in the world. This Arabian city needs no introduction when it comes to celebrations. If you are in quest for an occasion when you can see Dubai at its best form, then let us tell you. Festivals never come to an end here. The “city of gold” has something or the other going on throughout the year. Here are the top 10 events and festivals in Dubai that you must attend at least once in your lifetime.

Dubai International Film Festival

If you are a movie buff or a cinema enthusiast, visiting the one-week-long Dubai International Film Festival is a must for you. The events aim at giving the regional films and filmmakers recognition in world cinema. Celebrated stars from Hollywood like George Clooney, Patrick Stewart, Sarah Jessica Parker, and many more have visited this hotspot.

Dubai Shopping Festival

The Dubai Shopping Festival is known as the “shoppers’ paradise.” You will find a multitude of shops overloading both the roadsides and shopping malls of the city of Dubai, selling goods and chattels at utterly irresistible discounted rates. People worldwide come to not only shop but also to witness the additional amusements encompassing the 31-day long shopping festival.

The Taste of Dubai / Dubai Food Festival

To the people who love cooking and the people devoted to eating, what are you waiting for? This is your chance to learn the most scrumptious recipes and eat a shedload of mouthwatering dishes from the best chefs across the world. The Taste of Dubai, also known as the Dubai Food Festival, is one of the biggest food fairs in the Middle East, which you absolutely cannot miss.

Dubai Summer Surprises

The Dubai Summer Surprises is the mini amalgamation of all the other events and festivals in Dubai. Starting from discounted deals on miscellaneous to having food delicacies, from entertainment to sports, from art to culture. You will find every bit of everything. The sole purpose of this 6-weeks long festival is to invite guests to visit the city during the off-season of summer. 

Dubai World Cup

The Dubai World cup is the wealthiest horse race championship in the world. Now can you guess the winning price of this competition? It is $35Million. You read it right! Along with jockeys and trainers from across the world, the best horse breed takes part in this competition, creating an astounding and exhilarating ambiance. The final round is held at the famous Meydan Race Course in Dubai.

National Day Festival

The National Day Festival is one of the most significant festivals Dubai celebrates in collaboration with the 6 other states of the United Arab Emirates to mark their union. You will be mindblown, amazed, and awestricken all at the same point by the activities arranged to commemorate this day.


As an Arabic state, Eid is the most significant religious festival celebrated in Dubai. Held at the end of Ramzan month, Eid is acknowledged when the moon comes out bright and dazzling in the Arabian sky. If you want to witness the occasion of Eid, come to Dubai during this time to see the sky lighten up like a chandelier in a dark room with fireworks all over and the city dressed up in a gown of amusements.

Burj al Arab Swim

The world’s tallest all-suite hotel, the sail-shaped Burj al Arab Jumeirah is a treasured Dubai attraction. The event “Burj al Arab Swim,” better known as “Swim the Burj,” is a swimming competition where about 700 highly skilled to specially-abled participants take part above 16 years. This is the only occasion participants and visitors can swim and watch swim around the mesmerizing Persian Gulf backdrop of the 7-star hotel.

The Dubai Marathon

It is your chance to finally take an active part in an Emirati festival for all the fitness freaks out there. The Dubai Marathon is where you need to pay itsy-bitsy money as their fee and actively participate in the run for a good cause. People from all backgrounds and different countries engage in this marathon to encourage fitness.

Dubai International Jazz Festival

If you have not yet attended the Dubai International Jazz Festival, then get a ticket right now. This international music concert is electrifying. With many eminent celebrities, this concert plays a significant role in making Dubai one of the most entertaining and amusing states globally.


The number of events and festival Dubai organizes every year are uncountable. The state makes sure every guest returns to their home with a big smile on their face. Here ends the list of events and festivals in Dubai. 

Tell us in the comment section which one, according to you, is the most engrossing. 

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