You are in Dubai, possibly out on a vacation, or you have cracked a deal of your life for your company, or you have a long unplanned weekend coming up. Here are 10 offbeat places for you to let down your hair and be in mother nature’s warm embrace, i.e., here are the best places to go camping in Dubai.

Lahbab Sands

Camping at alabal sanda

This place is famous for its red sands, campers, and backpackers from all around visit this place. The Fossil Rock is a famous star gazing spot there, the astronomical beauty is a site of a lifetime enjoyed through the clean summer sky. The Big Red is a sand dune 300 feet high, the dune crushers love to camp there, and fire up for a barbecue dinner and enjoy the cold night of the desert. This location is 40 minutes away from Dubai.

Hajar Mountains Camping In Dubai

View from the tent

This is another destination campers love to visit. The trek starts from Al Hala village at the foothills of this mountain range. There are more than a few golden spots with scenic beauty here, the village of Al Tayabh in this mountain is famous for Wadi Tayyibah, Wadi Wurayah is another golden camping spot with the scenery of your dreams. A 5hour 30 minute drive is what it takes for you to reach the Hajar Mountains from Dubai.

Rub Al Khali

Luxury Tent for camping

A part of the vast Arabian desert. The name translates to Empty Quarter, and it is the biggest contiguous desert in the world. At the heart of this vast desert, lies the Liwa Oasis, a staple for the campers, for it is considered the epitome of a desert camping experience. For the first-timers, a vehicle and a local guide are advisable for safe and stress-free camping. The border of Rub Al Khali is 2hour 50 minutes away from Abu Dhabi.

Umm Al Quwain beaches

Camping on beach

Another ideal location for beach camping UAE. A daytime plan of swimming, picnic, fishing and other such activities or a nighttime barbecue get together, or a party or maybe just a quiet getaway from society to mother nature’s cradle, this place is up to your expectation and above for any such plans. For the adventurer souls, there are a few fishing villages near Al Raas where exotic birds perch along. A 45-minute drive is needed to reach the beaches from Dubai.

Jebel Al Jais Camping In Dubai

If you want some stunning mountainscape that has sculpted rocks naturally this is the one. It is a part of Hajar. Jebel Jais is said to be the highest peak of the UAE as well as one of the coolest sites in the state. It is a 2hr 40min drive from Dubai.

Ras Al Khaimah

Camping by the beach

An impressive incentive of overnight camping is the area’s fauna and flora. Many inhabited birds from different cooler places are featured regularly during this time of the year. The drive from Dubai to Ras Al Khaimah can be covered in a 1hr 11min drive.


Beautiful Night Sky

If you love adventure and nature is the only thing you want to be with then this is the perfect place for you to experience camping in UAE or can explore the scenery of Hatta from your own caravan. Hatta is not that far from Dubai, it takes around 1hr 30min drive to reach.

Banan Beach

Beach tents for camping

There is a new campsite situated at the super-peaceful resort in Banan Beach, a beachfront spot that feels like home to the several retro tents one will see, including hammocks by the water and beachside chalets. The friendly environment and golden shores make it a very peaceful place that will take you far away from the hectic city life and into glamping Dubai.

Sonara Camp

Luxury camps in dubi

If you want to experience eco-friendly dining in the desert, chilling on a hammock which is surrounded by serene desert, Sonar Camps are trending for their famous glamping, UAE style. It is a perfect getaway that takes only 32min from Dubai.

Laguna Water Park

Water park in dubai

Another site for overnight camping in Dubai where you can visit with your children for a refreshing weekend camping scene. If you want an urban twist on your offbeat camping experience, this is the place that you have in mind. From the park’s aquatic wonderland to an unlimited bbq buffet for dinner, and then a campfire by your tent for when you’re tired from all the fun and its storytime. Just a 9-minute hike from the Dubai bus stop and you’re there.