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Calling up all Spaniards in the region! Le Méridien Dubai Hotel and Conference Centre has a special Spanish feast at the recently launched Bebemos. All you need to do is to present your Spanish passport when you visit there. Get to make the most out of the restaurant as you get to enjoy a free lunch or dinner. Offer valid from until 31st August 2019. So round up your amigos and enjoy the restaurant’s robust Spanish flavors with some chilled sangria and grapes.

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About Bebemos restaurant

Dubai, one of the most beautiful places on earth, requires no introduction to its lovely surroundings, and attractiveness among visitors. Strolling along the streets of Al Garhoud, Airport road, you felt a rush of air taking your heart to Barcelona. Believe me you are not the only one to feel that way. Just go with the flow and drive through the streets to reach the Le Méridien Dubai Hotel & Conference Centre. You will find a beautiful turquoise blue structure decked restaurant whose walls are decorated with Spanish artwork. We are talking about none other than The Bebemos restaurant.

Once you enter the restaurant you will feel the good vibes coming all the way from Spain. Bebemos, when translated to English, means “let’s drink”. The name perfectly justifies the ambience as one can relate this place where diners can socialize over food and beverages. You get an open bar, the stools are decked in front of the bar counter. This gives a feel that you are transported straight to the streets of Barcelona. As the Spanish are very friendly by nature, the tables are placed close to each other. So, the diners not only get to taste the sabroso Spanish delicacies but also have pleasant conversations with people around.

The palatable Spanish cucina you can expect !

The menu contains beautiful delicacies from such a long list of dishes, we choose to start with Tapas. Tapas are a popular variety of appetizers or snacks that are unmissable in Spanish cuisine. Then comes a matter of choice – if you want to choose from the list of warm tapas ie. Some fried baby squids or some cold olives and cheese. Tapas has evolved and taken the shape of sophisticated appetizers in many popular bars and restaurants of Spain. Some popular tapas are Spanish omelette, Patatas bravas (fried potatoes covered in sauce) and the Cured ham. The tapas style dining fits perfect for people, eating less and enjoying the lip smacking taste of the food. You must visit the restaurant and we would suggest you to start from Calamares or Crispy Dry Fried Squid. This is an amazing delicacy, which looks like an appetizer, you cannot stop eating as it is really yummilicious. And the dips provided with them are also very tangy and tasty.

Wide Choice of Tapas at Bebemos

Spanish Garlic Prawns (Gambas al Ajillo) or Traditional Garlic Shrimp are also some of the popular Spanish cuisines. These prawn delicacies are also a part of the Tapas. Cured Meat with Cheese is a very popular item which is very delicious, and a must try. It not only looks impressive and appetizing but has a very distinctive flavor. The food and the flavors will transport your soul to the heavenly aromas and tastes of Spanish lanes and bye-lanes. And your heart will ask you to visit this restaurant whenever you pass by these streets.

Overall service

The overall experience of the restaurant will make you visit again and again. Starting from the luscious list of food in the menu to the service; everything is appreciable. The staff will welcome you with an “hola” (hello). You need not worry about your car as it’s being taken care of by valet service. The presence of DJ playing exciting beats will make your heart dance.

The food is so delicious and memorable that you want to personally thank the head chef Marc. Originally from Barcelona, he is working with the restaurant since the opening and prepares all the delicious Spanish food at Bebemos. He provides the customers a vibe from Barcelona in the desert land of Dubai. You get a whiff of wonderful aroma emanating from the window on one of the walls of the dining area. From here the kitchen is visible, making it a unique and memorable dining experience you will never forget. So what are you waiting for? Get ready to ‘Ole!!!’ to a dining phenomenon that you will wish lasted forever!!!