List of Shopping Malls in Dubai

When it comes to malls, Dubai tends to take it to the next level, be it world-class interiors or exotic brands made available for shoppers. Architecture is something Dubai specializes in, so why should malls be left out of that category. You don’t need to be a shopper to experience the extravagance of the malls you come across in Dubai.

A souq or bazaar is what a market place is called in the Middle East, including Dubai and back in the day it was the only shopping hub that people were aware of. However, with the passage of time malls have taken up the responsibility of providing a person with the ultimate shopping experience. If you are planning on visiting a mall, here are some the best shopping malls to visit in Dubai.

1. Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall Men Falling Waterfall blog PlanOut Dubai
Men Falling Waterfall

Stretching up to an area of 13 million square feet, the Dubai Mall is an architectural marvel in itself. The mall harbors more than a 1,000 shops that are spread across a four-storey shopping complex including luxurious brands from Bloomingdale to Armani, making it the idle place for going into a shopping spree. Don’t worry, just because it’s a mall doesn’t mean it is only limited to shopping, there are plenty of things to do: Go for a twirl at the Dubai ice rink, enjoy a fun day with your kids at the aquarium and underwater zoo, visit KidZania or watch the latest movie release at Reel cinemas.

One of the main attractions at Dubai Mall is the largest performing fountain show at the Dubai Fountain Lake. The choreographed show will take your breath away and it’s free to watch.

Dubai Fountain Show Schedule

  • Saturday – Thursday 1:00PM & 1:30PM
  • Friday 1:30PM & 2:00PM
  • Every evening 6:00PM until 11:00PM (Every 30 minutes)

2. Mall of the Emirates

Mall of the Emirates blog Plan Out Dubai

Located in Al Barsha, this mall is as large as it is attractive and there is no doubt in that. From international brands to multiplexes, the Mall of the Emirates (MOE) is the ultimate hub for shoppers. The main attraction of this mall, lies in the 85m ski slope waiting for you if you’re in for a bit of thrill. Accompanied by luxury then the Mall of the Emirates is the place for you which has two food courts on either end of the mall. As well as VOX cinemas which include 3D and 4D theaters.

3. Marina Mall

If you are planning to visit Dubai Marina Walk then how about heading over to Marina Mall in Dubai. With its glorious waterfront location that allows you to enjoy Marina yacht view, this mall is what one can call sitting in the lap of luxury. It features 130 outlets spread across four levels. This shopping district is your next stop in Dubai, which also features a promenade where you can see the breath taking yachts and Pier 7 which features 7 distinctive restaurants and bars.

4. The Beach by Meraas

Retail was never been this fun until you visit The Beach at JBR. A mixture of leisure with excitement which appeals to all from friends, couples to families. The mesmerizing beach to extravagant food joints, the beach is a one-stop trip to the heart of luxury.

5. Ibn Battuta Mall

This large shopping district is close to Jebel Ali Village and is the ultimate shopping paradise. Home to 270 shops, 50 restaurants and a 21 screen multiplex, it will make you add Ibn Battuta to your list of must-visit places here in Dubai.

Ibn Battuta mall is known as the largest themed shopping center, consisting of 6 courts (China, Egypt, India, Persia, Andalusia and Tunisia Courts). This mall is a museum of its own.

6. Mirdif City Centre Mall

Opened in 2010, this mall is situated in Midrif that is expanding into a residential area located east of the Dubai creek. The place offers attractions that may appeal to you other than shopping, such as their indoor skydiving facility and a tenpin bowling alley.

7. Deira City Centre Mall

Deira City Centre Mall may be old but doesn’t fall behind when it comes to helping you have a good time. This three-level mall consists of more than 350 shops which include luxury retailers such as Paris Gallery, Sephora and many more. The interesting thing about this mall is that it offers a kids entertainment centre, as well as a Toys R Us because, why should adults have all the fun?

8. Dubai Festival City Mall

Looking upon the wonderous waterway by the Dubai creek, Dubai Festival City Mall is the definition of what shopping malls should be like. From canal walks to restaurants, this mall by the waterfront is something you cannot ignore when going through malls in Dubai.

9. Dubai Outlet Mall

A mall becomes a shopper’s paradise here at the Dubai Outlet mall. Sale is what we shoppers thrive on and nothing screams sale like the ones held here at the Dubai Outlet mall. So if you are in just for the shopping then this mall is the place for you.


For some people shopping is as therapeutic as it gets and come to think of it why shouldn’t it be? Browsing through clothes, gazing through shoes and the best of all getting to try stuff on and not be compelled to buy it. Finding the right product is never an easy task and considering how fickle a human mind can be, settling on just one item is the challenge that one faces when out to shop. But this indecision is what makes shopping so much more fun and exciting and at times is even considered as a peaceful way to spend time. When you think about shopping, you cannot restrict it simply to clothes or shoes; one can even shop for accessories, appliances or even cosmetics and no better place screams “shop till you drop” like the malls in Dubai.

A mall may not be considered as a travel spot by many of us but you may want to reconsider that theory when it comes to Dubai. The malls here are like an amusement park, meant to fulfill your need for both thrill as well as chill. So visit Dubai and experience it in all its glory.