The central idea for this event is to get together with family and friends and celebrate the evening in joyous company and happiness. This year, in 2019, the days of Ramadan begin depending on the sight of the moon. Astronomers say it will start from Monday, 6th May, and end on the evening of Monday, 4th of June 2019.

Here’s a comprehensive list of all the top places for you to enjoy the Iftar in Dubai. You will be spoilt for choice and will have a gala time no matter which of these places you visit this Ramadan.


Well-known for its Turkish delights, this is a great place for you to break your fast. They are offering a set menu from sundown which is a delicious and lavish spread, to say the least.
Daily, Sunset – 1am.
Price: AED249 (adults)

The Meydan Hotel

This majestic property boasts of a great Arabian spread with International dishes as well for the holy month. They will serve Iftar between Sunset and 8pm and additionally you get Suhoor from 9 pm to 2am (3am for weekends), so that’s a double delight for you.
Daily, Sunset-8pm.
Price: AED199 (adults), AED99.50 (kids 4-12 years), free (kids of age 4 and under)


Housed at the Le Meridien, this restaurant offers true International cuisine to its customers. The Iftar buffet is another special event that the chefs at this place have worked upon and are eager to serve you in true international style.
Daily, Sunset – 9:30pm.
Price: AED169.

Fogo de Chao

For the adventurous eater, trying out some fresh Brazilian cooking in Dubai is something to look forward to. This place serves the best in Brazilian cuts which are complemented by the traditional iftar fare as well.
Daily, Sunset – 9pm 
Price: AED199


Having setup a special tent for the Iftar feast, this place provides the best Arabian cuisine in traditional style to remind you of the greatness of the local dishes.
Daily, Sunset – 9pm
Price: AED170 (adults), AED70 (kids 6-12 years)

BiCE Mare

This is the place where you get genuine Italian Seafood that will tingle your taste buds and make memories that will last a long time. They are offering a 4-course menu called ‘La Famiglia’
Daily, Sunset – 11pm
Price: AED195


Meaning ‘Very Indian’, this restaurant offers astonishing Indian-style dishes which are made with principles of molecular gastronomy, the latest science of cooking. It will be an Iftar experience which you will never forget.
Daily, Sunset – 11:30pm</em
Price: AED179


There are many restaurants that offer Peruvian cuisine, and Coya being one of them, you will find new and unique dishes here with a mingling of Spanish, Japanese and Chinese tastes to the main Peruvian fare. Definitely worth a visit during the holy month for which they have made elaborate arrangements. For bookings please contact Coya.
Daily, Sunset – 8:30pm
Price: AED250


Another popular Turkish restaurant, their special Iftar menu will certainly make your heart and belly full. Giving you memories to cherish for long.
Daily, Sunset – 9pm
Price: AED199 (adults), AED99.50 (kids 6-12 years), free (kids age 5 and under) 


An award winning International cuisine restaurant, a visit to this place will make your taste buds dance with happiness eating the Iftar meal during the holy month.
Daily, Sunset – 11pm 
Price: AED199


Another restaurant that offers true International cuisine on the food circuit of Dubai, this is a must visit place as they are planning new exciting dishes for the Iftar dinner to make you happy in your heart and tummy.
Daily, Sunset – 9pm
Price: AED165 (adults), AED82.50 (kids 12-16)

Dusit Thani

It is the right place for you try Thai cuisine of the best quality during the holy month for Iftar. They are making exciting preparations for an elaborate Iftar spread. Which will include Arabic dishes and special dishes from China, Korea, Japan, Thailand and India. Get ready to tingle your taste buds here.
Daily, Sunset – 11:30pm
Price: AED 159 (adults) inclusive of Arabic juices, AED79.50 (kids 6-12 years). Groups of 20 and above AED139


A 3-course Italian spread made specially for Iftar meal is waiting for you at this specialty restaurant that is famous all over Dubai for its Italian cuisine.
Daily, Sunset – 12 midnight
Price: AED275


Offering the best in an alternate Iftar dining experience, this Chinese cuisine specialty restaurant is very spacious and offers great dishes to delight you for a long time to come.
Daily, Sunset – 11pm
Price: AED288

A La Turca

As the name suggests, this place offers the best Turkish fare for the holy month and will make your taste buds jingle with joy at the wonderful Mediterranean flavors which are as authentic as they come.
Daily, Sunset – 10pm
Price: AED259 (adults), AED129.50 (kids 6-12 years), free (kids aged 5 and under) 

Bice Ristorante

The special menu being created by this Italian Restaurant is going to be amazing and will give you tasteful memories forever. Drop in during the holy to experience a tide of flavours in your mouth.
Daily, Sunset – late
Price: AED250

The Market

The six live-cooking stations are a sight in themselves as you get  to enjoy the best of International cuisine mixed with Arabic taste for a great Iftar feast here.
Daily, Sunset – 9pm
Price: AED185 (adults), AED60 (kids aged 5-12 years), free (kids of 4 years and under)

Fish Market

With a unique decor and an equally unique menu centred around seafood. This place is ideal to make your taste buds happy during the Iftar feast.
Daily, Sunset – 9pm
Price: AED199 (adults), AED89 (kids aged 4 – 12 years), free (kids aged 4 years and under)


Sitting inside the tallest restaurant in the world, you can enjoy the best quality Iftar feast from all around the world. They are the best in the business and the service is matched by the top quality food.
Daily, Sunset – 9pm
Price: AED475

Play Restaurant & Lounge

A unique blend of Mediterranean and East Asian cuisine, this is a premium restaurant with great service and a food menu. This restaurant will dazzle you and will make you a fan of their dishes forever. Try the special Iftar feast for sure at this place this holy month.
Daily, Sunset – 9:30pm 
Price: AED250

Ramadan 2019

Iftar is referred to as the break of fat during Ramadan and is observed with great enthusiasm and joy. It is also often observed in a community fashion where large groups of people come together to enjoy the evening meal. Most of the time it is the extended family members who participate but larger gatherings such as entire village members participating are also common.

The holy month of Ramadan is a prominent time. It is a month of togetherness, for families to gather and celebrate. Fasting will take place from dawn and end it just after the call to prayer (Maghrib) in the evening after the sunset. In the evening the meal that normally breaks the is called Iftar (meaning ‘break fast’) and is usually begun by eating fruits (three dates traditionally).

Iftar in Dubai

Like any other place, Iftar is observed quite enthusiastically in Dubai also. In fact, Dubai is famous for its Iftar. All the restaurants and hotels, big and small, make elaborate arrangements and advertise their menus. Joyous greetings of ‘Ramadan Mubarak’ (i.e. Blessed Ramadan) and ‘Ramadan Kareem’ (i.e. Generous Ramadan) fill the air at these places as friends and family meet and greet each other at the day’s end. The timing of Iftar will depend on the time of sunset, in Dubai is around 7 pm.