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Friday Brunch at Loca



Every Friday 12:00 pm until 5:00 pm

Loca brunch offers some exceptional service including a set menu.

5 courses and drinks will be served across a 5 hour period. This brunch starts with table-mashed guacamole and tortillas, then graduates onto egg-heavy, breakfast-based items, plus construct-them-yourself hard- or soft-shell tacos. Then the main four courses are given which indicate the traditional Mexican cuisine. The highlight proved to be the chunky burrito, satisfyingly drenched in ranchero sauce. As a dessert, you can have a slice of bedel tres leches.

How much is Friday Brunch at Loca?

  • Brunch with Soft Drinks AED 165.
  • House Beverages package AED 285.

About Loca

Since 2009, chefs at Loca have been on a mission to offer Dubai residents true Mexican food without the Tex-Mex association that’s typically present.

A casual atmosphere allows you to kick back and enjoy a your favorite drink while watching a sporting read more


Loca - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Loca - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Loca - Dubai - United Arab Emirates