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Friday Brunch at Ruya


Dubai Marina

Every Friday 12:30 pm until 4:30 pm

Their lazy Friday Brunch is an absolute lip-smacking affair, boldly made with great attention to detail and care. They bring to the table amazingly authentic Turkish, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Cuisine which is an absolute treat for the soul.  Be it their Lamb, Adanak Kebab, Rice pudding, Risotto, Firin Sutlac, Mayve Tabagi or Imam Bayildi, all of them are favourite among the guests, and are as a treat to the eyes as they are to the taste buds.

If you ever happened to want a bite of real flavours from The BlackSea to the Mediterranean, why not pay a visit to the experts? For a time full of delicacies both bold and one of a kind to open your mind to a world of culinary experience from around the middle-east and beyond.

When it comes to drinks, one gets spoilt for choice with the options available to them. As well as the services that are equally professional and flashy, to the delight of the guests, who go there expecting nothing less than an amazing time spent with their near ones.

Looking for a more than an excellent place to break your Ramadan fast? Ruya will end your search. The best place to be at, for ending your fast after a whole day of solemn acts; an evening of light atmosphere and pamper, to get you ready for another day.

A very versatile place for nearly every occasion, one could think of and more. Friends, family, colleagues, special someone, Ruya is the name to remember! To spend a moment to remember, among the best moments of your life.

How much is brunch at Ruya?

  • Soft Drinks AED 299
  • House Beverage package AED 399
  • Bubbly package AED 499

About Ruya

Every once in a while there comes a night in our lives that we want to make special. For such nights there is the best romantic restaurant in Dubai,  Ruya! Located in the posh Grosvenor House, Dubai Marina, overlooking the Picturesque Marina of Dubai, read more


Ruya Dubai - Al Emreef Street - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Ruya Dubai - Al Emreef Street - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Ruya Dubai - Al Emreef Street - Dubai - United Arab Emirates