The latest news to stream out of Dubai in the aviation sector is that a major sale has been announced by Emirates.

Fare tickets from as low as Dhs695

The national airline of UAE on select routes and passengers can get tickets for as low as AED 695. It is running for 15 days from the 16th of April 2019 to 30th of April 2019. Travellers can make use of this golden opportunity to catch some bargain deals and save on their travelling budgets. The travelling time starts from the 16th of April 2019 itself and goes up to the second month of next year, i.e. up to 28th of February 2020.

DXB airport partially closed for 45 days

In another bit of news, major renovation work has been undertaken on the southern runway of the Dubai International Airport (DXB). Due to which it will be closed for 45 days, from 16th of April 2019 to 30th of May 2019. Since the secondary runway will be unavailable for operations for one and a half months. The operational capacity of DXB is reduced to quite an extent as now. It is left with only one runway, the northern runway, to serve the public.

This was a planned move and hence extensive preparations were done and all backup plans were put in place. So that minimum amount of discomfort is caused to the travellers. The Dubai Airport Corporation, the company which manages the Airports, introduced a slew of measures to reduce the pain of its customers. Many flights have been temporarily shifted to the second airport, the Al Maktoum International Airport, for sharing the load during the partial closure of DXB.

Some people are even speculating that the timing of the sale introduced by Emirates may have something to do with the repair work being carried out. As a healing touch to the travelling public, who may be inconvenienced by the current situation.

Now is the Time to Plan a Holiday!

With several holidays coming up in the remainder of the year, such as Eid-ul-fitr and Eid-ul-Adha in the next couple of months. Now is the right time for anyone in the UAE to plan for a surprise vacation, in case you have not done so already. Destinations across the globe have been included in this sale. You should visit places where you have never been before for a holiday, to make the best use of this scheme. The destinations are spread across the United States, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.

Though some other major routes such as the Oceanic region and South American region have been left out of the scheme. It is believed that Emirates will still be able to attract a lot of passengers through this sale.

In fact, they have recently started a few advertising promotions with a comic touch to up the ante. Encouraging people to fly with Emirates. Wherein they show passengers travelling on other airlines using various tactics to get a free upgrade on their travel class. The advertisements go on to suggest that instead of trying these ideas. They can experience the same comfort while travelling in the regular class in Emirates itself. It is expected that these new series of advertisements will add to the lure of the Sale going on currently. With Dubai being the main hub of Emirates and a vast network of destinations covered by them. You can be assured of the best of service and entertainment during your travel with Emirates.

So, it definitely looks like the best time to buy tickets for your holidays. Be it for now in preparation for Summer or for the winters when you also have the Dubai National Day. Of course, the year-end holidays are celebrated with much fanfare across the globe. The time to be a world citizen is now, folks! However if you decide to stay, check out the what’s on in Dubai.