Dubai means shopping, fun, sun, and some of the world’s famous hotels are waiting for you. Enjoy your vacation with places for visitors during pandemic right from amazing modern architecture to wonderful beaches and hi-fi restaurants and hotels; tourist attractions in UAE especially Dubai are going to be stylish giving you the much needed beach break. 

Dubai has successfully handled the Covid-19 pandemic and that has encouraged a growth in Dubai tourist places and inspired travellers from all over the world to visit Dubai. There are many Dubai tourist places that are reopened now. Some of these entertainment destinations were there and some new attractions are making Dubai as the most visited tourist attractions in UAE. All tourist places in Dubai, nevertheless, rigorously follow UAE’s health and safety protocols to make sure the safety and comfort of all the visitors during their visit to Dubai. 

Forward the places you can enjoy in Dubai during pandemic:

1. The Palm Fountain



It is Dubai’s newest tourist place that was opened on 22nd October. This UAE attraction effectively broke a Guinness World Record for being the world’s biggest fountain. The water of this fountain shoots up above 105 metres. It has approx. 3,000 LED lights. The fountain is located at The Pointe, in Palm Jumeirah, the only colourful fountain of Dubai. It covers around 14,000 square feet of seawater. With numerous restaurants and a public beach, you can spend the whole day with great leisure. This tourist attraction is well-known for arranging one of the finest lights shows in the whole world.

2. Motiongate Theme Park

Motiongate Theme Park


You can discover the magic of Hollywood here. Here you will be able to enjoy the four famous motion picture studios such as DreamWorks Animation, Columbia Pictures, Lionsgate, and Smurfs Village. You can create memories with your family and friends but do maintain the COVID-19 protocol. You can purchase passes there or online. The studios and play areas are all air-contained. It has 27 featured rides that are operating under strict COVID rules and regulations to ensure you and your family a safe atmosphere.

3. Hatta Wadi Hub

Hatta Wadi Hub


This national park is the biggest in Dubai and comprises of numerous outdoor activities starting from biking to hiking. This national park has been reopened for the public on 1st October 2020. And will continue operations until the end of April 2021 subject to further notifications. So, please check with the authorities before planning to go here. The authorities have now introduced three new activities in early 2021. They are: A 10-metre-high climbing wall, A slingshot that pushes visitors up to 50 metres into the air, and last but not the least – paragliding. The hiking trails of this national park is awesome and is one of the trendiest activities in the hub. This hiking trail spans a total of 32.6 km long alongside the winding foothills of the multi-terrain mountain range.

4. Dubai Safari Park

Dubai Safari Park

Credit: Traveltriangle

It is a famous wildlife reserve, animal shelter and education centre and one of the best places to visit in UAE. The authorities of this safari park have done a massive renovation before it opened its door to the public on 5th October 2020. The park is estimated to be spread across 119 hectares, the park is home to three thousand diverse wildlife species  The park now features a group of new animals such as African Elephants, Giraffes, the Komodo Dragon, Spiral-horned Antelope, Arabian Oryx, coloured African wild dog, Gorilla, Gibbon, Bongo, and Lemur. The tourism and edutainment destination of Dubai inspires its visitors to understand, interact, and watch wildlife in their natural surroundings. Visit the place without any tension as the authorities have introduced health and safety protocols throughout the park for the safety of all visitors.

5. Global Village

Global Village


It is the largest outdoor family entertainment destination and cultural park in the UAE. It offers visitors numerous events, shows and activities that are unique. It opened its door again on 25th October 2020. Authorities of this village have emphasized that the village will follow improved hygiene and precautionary measures. It has also introduced a new website and mobile application for the visitors to purchase tickets for smooth and contactless entry for rides. This place opens at 6 PM and closes at 2 AM during Ramadan.

UAE COVID-19 cases have remained low. Dubai authorities have many measures in place. So, what are you waiting for? Come to Dubai and enjoy to the fullest but wear mask and sanitise your hands at regular intervals and be safe.

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