The Yard Al Khawaneej, located in the outskirts of the city, is one of Dubai’s most remarkable destinations. A rusty courtyard, last exit of food trucks for foodaholics, two “Promise bridges” with a symbolic pledge of everlasting love, and shaded walking trails are few of those many things you would not want to miss. The inspiration for this came from Dubai’s farming heartland, and it depicts a fusion of rural farm setting with urban accents. Wouldn’t you want to visit such a breathtaking place? Let’s amaze you!

What does The Yard Al Khawaneej look like?

Best Spot in the Yard

The theme of The Yard has instigated very quirky and unique installations. You will find old vintage cars and trucks scattered all around the area and sculptures made of upcycled car parts. To add to the theme you will come across mysteriously strange and fascinating scare-crows, animal sculpture, farming tools and equipment,etc,.

Theme : Old-style rural farm with an urban accent

Inspired by : Dubai’s agricultural heartland 

Don’t be surprised to see a lookalike cow reading a newspaper.Not to mention, the “Wishing Well” and the love lock bridge Dubai,”Promise Bridge”, inspired by Ponts de Arts in Paris, manmade lake and the stunning wall Art that you will get to experience. 

Now without any delay let’s look at a few things you will enjoy here!

What are the things you can do at The Yard Al Khawaneej?

Choose Your Taste!

Not a chance you leave hungry out of here. Infact, you might want to return just for the food! Indoor air-conditioned restaurants or open-air dining space, What’s your pick? There are several restaurants to choose from. You might want to visit the Homestead and the drive thru venue!

Homestead Restaurant & Bakery

Try out different cuisines (Emirati, Persian or even Indian). There is ample indoor seating with country-style decor, twee fake birds in cages and an overall Vintage vibe. Explain to your children how food on their plate gets there from the field. 

Last Exit AL Khawaneej D89 : Food Truck Park,Dubai.

Last Exit Al Khawaneej connects to The Yard. Last Exit is a street food truck park with a drive-thru! Can you believe there are already four Last Exits in Dubai? Each Last Exit has a distinct theme. The Khawaneej food truck park,Dubai represents the neighborhood’s farming heritage.

There are several food trucks in the city, all of which are visually appealing. Poco Loco specialises in Latin American bites, Jaldi Jaldi specialises in Indian street food, Mooyah, Krush, and Burger Pit specialises in American burgers, Hot Chix specialises in all things chicken, and there’s a lot more! Do you crave desserts? Well ‘The inventing Room’ is where you should be. Try out The Frozen Hot Chocolate!

Click the Shutter and Catch A Glimpse!

Well, I’d not leave such a place without pictures. The Rusty courtyard, The Vintage cars and trucks, the different Farm tools and equipment sculptures not to mention the Cow reading newspaper are places you ought to take a click. The picturesque sunset by the lake, the wishing well and the love lock bridges are rare sights for photographic opportunities. Bounce on the trampoline and have a small fake conversation with rustic looking scarecrows. Take back as many memories as possible because that is what you will look at and cherish in the rest of your life. 

Relax, Chill & Enjoy!

‘Wishing well’ and ‘Promise bridge’ (Love Lock Bridge Dubai) are a few of the many things The Yard Al Khawaneej is known for. People buy padlocks of different shapes and sizes and lock their promises on the bridge. The key to the lock is thrown in the nearby manmade lake. They ask for wishes and throw coins in the well. It is believed that those wishes get fulfilled. 

Things to do at Al Khawaneej

Want to have some fun?Ride a pony, bounce on the trampoline, sit by the lake and enjoy the quirky installations. Shop in the organic farm market and have fun on the battlefield.

There are plenty of things to do and experience out here. So do visit this place and do not forget to try out the different dishes available.You can grab a burger, sit by the lake and enjoy the picturesque sunset with your loved ones.

Worried about how to get to Al Khawaneej? Let’s first look at its location!

The Yard Al Khawaneej is located near the Mirdif City Centre on the northern side of Dubai. It is the favorite location for luxurious apartments. It is surrounded by farmlands, horse sables and cattle farms though several shopping and entertainment centres are popping up soon. 

The weather won’t be as harsh as the main city summer. Its location saves it from humidity.

How to get to The Yard & Last exit?

Keep in mind : Location is away from the main city

Here are your options! 


There is no metro route to The Yard.The nearest metro station to the Last exit Al Khawaneej is the Rashidiya metro station. After which you will have to resort to a 10kms walk or catch the 11A bus which will drop you off at 3kms from your destination


Tough Luck! The nearest bus stop is 3kms away from the Yard and the only buses taking this route are the 11A and FO5.


Best Option: 

So, the best option is to take a car and if not, a taxi or a careem. 

You can get dropped off at the DROP-OFF point or park your car. There is plenty of FREE PARKING available.


Timings: to ‘The Yard Al Khawaneej’

You may enjoy strolling in The Yard 24/7.

But the Retail outlets and Restaurants have restricted timings.

Food Court : 7AM – 3AM

Retail Outlets : Most of them are open between 10AM – 10PM, but it is safe to check the timings if you are looking for something in particular.