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Dubai Desert


Dubai is known for its rich and busy city life, but there’s another side to the area that can take you down a magical and exciting place. One of the top recommendations you’ll often hear while in Dubai is to take a trip through the desert, and with Al Fayeda Travel Tours LLC, you can take your pick of adventure. With easy online booking, great prices, and a wide range of options including food, belly dancing shows and henna painting, you can live out your desert dreams!

Al Fayeda Travel Tours LLC caters to all group sizes and has accommodations large enough for you to take a dozen or more of your closest friends out to the dunes. Get wild on their 4x4s, get up close with a camel, and enjoy the sunset in this magical land. Desert safaris are a huge attraction in Dubai and Al Fayeda Travel Tours LLC knows how to treat their guests well.

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Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Dubai - United Arab Emirates