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Dubai Marina


Are you a water child? Do you fancy chasing the sun while cruising along the striking coastline of Dubai, sipping on an exotic cocktail? Unparalleled in reputation, Asfar Yachts is Dubai’s leading, award-winning and online yacht rental charter company that has always lived up to its name by shining bright like the morning light of hope and happiness, providing dreamy experiences to clients for over a decade. A name to reckon with in the Dubai Marina area, the DMYC is our playground. We have become a brand solely on the back of our world-class service and impeccable business conduct.

The journey matters more than the destination”

As firm believers in above adage, our highly qualified and experienced yacht crew aims at providing a safe and memorable experience on board. Smooth and super inviting, the look and feel of these strikingly gorgeous water-babies will leave you engaged, till you realize you’re already on board ready to begin your voyage! 

Life is about choices while we make memories:

Want to rent a dream yacht best suited for your dreamy wish-list? Our professional guest relations staff for boat rental will guide you through the entire process for a hassle-free experience. Why settle for something from the rest, when you can have the best? 

Asfar Yachts is the premier Luxury Yachts Charter specialist in the Middle East region. We are the only company to provide online booking facility, no need for you to move a step, just move your fingertips and choose to cruise. Apart from our online booking portal, our mobile app is the first of its kind in the world! 

We invite you to avail the services of Asfar Yachts Charter on PlanOut Dubai. Choose your favorite pick from our well-maintained luxurious fleet and let your dreams set sail! BonVoyage!!


Dubai Marina - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Dubai Marina - Dubai - United Arab Emirates