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Dusty’s Dubai



Hunting ground for the young and restless, this is the place where you find the energetic crowd heading to. Located in the Al-Fattan Currency House in DIFC, Dusty’s has climbed the ladder in the party circuit like no other. With an energetic vibe, this place draws guests regularly with its charismatic decor which is elegant to say the least. And also, place is gender neutral to the core – there’s a Ladies night, and there’s a Gent’s night as well. The other uncommon feature is the home-delivery facility, something you don’t see often.

With plenty of events planned round the year, this place is always in the news among the party circuit and represents the Dubai nightlife to the hilt. Every Dubai Restaurant Guide worth its salt includes the name of this place in their listing. The amazing play of lights in the indoor seating area is only complimented by the jazzy outdoor seating area. The modern decor is an attraction in itself. Being famous for their ‘Dusk to Dawn’ theme, it’s a party that you don’t want to be left out of. So grab your car keys and head straight to this fabulous joint of fun and excitement!


Dusty's - towards DIFC Parking - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Dusty's - towards DIFC Parking - Dubai - United Arab Emirates