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PLAY Restaurant

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In the mood for some MediterrAsian delights? For the uninitiated, it’s a mix of Mediterranean and Asian cuisines. Step into one of the best restaurants to eat in Dubai at Play Restaurant & Lounge. Equipped with some of the best staff in the city, they provide some very bold bursts of unexpected flavors.

Located in The H Dubai, Sheikh Zayed Road, it comes with the option of private dining for those special moments. As well as regular indoor dining, in a very elegantly subtle, yet bright setting, creating an ambiance of liveliness and joy. The play of beige and brown shades in the decor gives off a classy elegant feel to the whole setting. And the liveliness reflects in their one of a kind food presentation as well that will leave you wanting for more.

With its multi-level sitting, it facilitates Business Meets to friend’s hangouts, and family gatherings – they are veterans of all fields. So why not come and spoil yourself with their hospitality and ‘Luxury Dining’ with your precious few? With valet service and a wheelchair available for the smooth, worry-free service for their guests, you will be pleasantly surprised by their table service, which is as fast as their chefs and Wi-Fi. Having taken care of all aspects of fine dining to the hilt, hardly anyone, anywhere else, ever reflects the stunning nightlife in Dubai better than them. This makes for a great romantic place for the adventurous diner, especially fun loving couples.


PLAY Restaurant & Lounge - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

PLAY Restaurant & Lounge - Dubai - United Arab Emirates