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Souk Madinat Jumeirah


Ah, the finer things in life! Love, art, classic literature and you, sitting with your cup of coffee, nice and cosy. Watching the comforting view of the palm trees from the balcony and appreciating the beauty of creation.  Publique restaurant is always there at your service. Located in Souk Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai., this bar cum restaurant is truly unique. With its wooden lodge bar, and a restaurant with both outdoor and indoor seating. Enabling you to enjoy your time with near and dear ones or just by yourself savoring your “me time” in solitude.  

Want to relax after a hard day? Look no further. Publique restaurant is your place. Step in and experience the convivial atmosphere of this one of a kind place, away from your mundane routine. Or you might just be a connoisseur of French cuisine. In which case, there is more reason for you to visit this restaurant to treat your taste buds to some authentic French delicacies.

But it is not just about the classic and traditional here. It is equipped with all the modern art facilities to help make your moments memorable. Valet parking for your peace of mind, wi-fi to keep you up to speed with the world around and wheelchair access for those who need them. Looking for a nice time with friends? They also have live music with the  DJ playing your favourite songs. A fun roof and pool to give you a nightlife experience that is nothing like anything all over the city. 


Publique dubai - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Publique dubai - Dubai - United Arab Emirates