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Dubai Marina


Dubai’s skyline is beautiful from anywhere you look but one of the most spectacular views is from the water. With Royal Blue Coast boat rentals, you and your friends and family can spend from 120 minutes on the water on any number of vessels, taking in the scenery and feeling the cool water’s breeze. A tour of Dubai awaits you with a planned cruising chart, and depending on your boat selection, you may be treated to relaxing bedrooms, a barbeque and a great sound system.

When it comes to fun things to do in Dubai the options are nearly endless and the team at Royal Blue Coast does an amazing job of catering to your happiness. After all, their motto is “Our theme is your smile!” Six different boats await, ready to provide you with a relaxing way to soak up the Dubai sun and see parts of the city in a whole new way.


Dubai Marina - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Dubai Marina - Dubai - United Arab Emirates