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Do you ever face the problem when you and your friends cannot decide where to go for a fun time? For such situations, there is the Warehouse! It’s the party-center of Dubai where there is something for everybody. Such a versatile lounge with such a large collection of food, drinks, and activities is very hard to find anywhere around the world.

Located in  Le Meridien Dubai Hotel and  Conference Centre, Airport Road, Al Garhoud, it will take care of your every need. From Valet parking for a stress-free time, wi-fi for staying up to speed with the world while enjoying. To a very well organized entertainment center and a dance floor for you to let your hair down with your buddies. The nightlife has never been better here! With the DJ going at full steam, it is a round-the-clock-party going on here! Don’t miss it for the world folks!


Warehouse - Airport Road - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Warehouse - Airport Road - Dubai - United Arab Emirates