In a spectacular 3-day event, chefs Sreejith Nair, Sous Chef from Ananta, and Roberto Segura, Chef and restaurant partner of Waka. Put together a delicious meal in honor of International Women’s Day. The cuisine was centered around both Peruvian and Indian fare and took place at Nine7One inside The Oberoi Hotel. Let’s take a look at the wonderful menu and learn a bit more about these spectacular restaurants.

The Nine7One Experience

Both chefs collaborated to produce a true labor of love at this unique event. Blending ingredients and cooking techniques from their respective restaurants to create a menu to remember. In total, a six-course set tasting menu was served, along with five different cocktails that utilized exotic spices and flavors. Each dish brought something different to the entire meal, allowing the chefs to express themselves in a range of ways.

Not only was the food expertly prepared but the plating and presentation were incredibly colorful. They contained an air of luxury and class. From the bright Tuna Nikkei and delicious Feijoada. To a creative Chocolate Dome dessert that wowed guests, Chefs Nair and Segura offered a truly one of a kind experience.

It wasn’t only the food that made this International Women’s Day event so impressive. The ambiance was relaxing and tasteful too. Outdoor seating within their courtyard was a popular choice that let patrons enjoy the weather while listening to lounge music played by their DJ. Waiters were attentive to every guest and helped to create a perfect event.

How We See It

Our experience at Nine7One was nothing short of impressive. While this 3-day event was a once in a lifetime endeavor, it certainly set an enticing expectation for visiting both Ananta and Waka in the future. Both restaurants feature their own unique spins on traditional cuisine, with Ananta focusing on Indian fare and Waka presenting an incredible side to Peruvian meals.

The food we enjoyed at Nine7One’s event captivated our senses and danced along our tastebuds. It showed just how versatile certain ingredients can truly be. Pairings that one would never have thought of before seemed almost like second nature for these talented chefs. Bringing a sense of refinement and intrigue to each course.

Make sure to keep an eye out for other special celebrations that feature these two renowned chefs. As International Women’s Day was perhaps only the first of more unique events. Visitors and residents of Dubai who are interested in pushing their dining experiences to new frontiers should take the time to visit both; Ananta and Waka. Prepare to come away with a newfound appreciation for exotic cuisine.

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Lorena Carrillo, Community Blogger at Nine7One, The Oberoi